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Brett Thomas: The Health & Wellness Investment Visionary on the Future of Consumer Packaged Goods

CAVU Co-founder and Managing Partner shares his vision on what's next for the industry.

Nestlé Health Science Acquires Vital Proteins

Nestlé Health Science (NHSc), a global leader in the field of nutritional science, has agreed to acquire a majority stake in America’s top-selling collagen brand.

Taking an Entrepreneurial Leap

Rohan Oza helps one woman take an incredible leap of faith, leaving her traditional job behind to follow her dream.

Female-Led Company: Skinny Dipped

Skinny Dipped co-founder Breezy Griffith shares the inspiring story of Skinny Dipped and the company’s guiding values.

SkinnyDipped Launches New Flavors  

Skinny Dipped announces the launch of two new flavors, Super Dark Chocolate + Sea Salt and Lemon Bliss. 

Good Culture Launches Probiotic Smoothies

Continuing to expand into the drinkables category, Good Culture pursues innovation with the launch of its Probiotic Smoothies.

We don't just read the news,

we help make the news.

We don't just read the news, we help make the news.

Rohan Oza talks ‘Shark Tank’ and 2020 Health Trends

Rohan Oza talks the big three health trends of 2020: gut health, ingestible beauty, and snacks with less sugar.

Make Your Product Stand Out Without a Celebrity Endorsement

Rohan Oza shares the 3 things that will make your brand succeed even if you don’t have a celebrity endorsement.

The Plant-Based Cheese Revolution

Innovation in the plant-based cheese space is shaping up to be equal parts art and science.

ONE Brands and Hershey Deal

Peter Burns, President & CEO of ONE Brands discusses the art of deal making at NOSH Live Winter 2019.

Prebiotic Soda Mother Rebrands as Poppi

Poppi a prebiotic soda (formerly apple cider vinegar drink Mother Beverage) launches with an exciting rebrand.

Hims & Hers x Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez

Hims & Hers announces partnership with global superstar Jennifer Lopez and legendary athlete and entrepreneur Alex Rodriguez.

There's a shift happening,

and we're part of it.

There's a shift happening, and we're part of it.

Bulletproof Founder Says These 2 Habits Can Help You Live Longer

Dave Asprey plans on living to 180 years old and shares his two most important life-extending hacks. 

CAVU Ventures Raises its 3rd and Largest Fund Yet

CAVU’s 3rd fund will help the firm continue its mission of democratizing healthy living for as many humans as possible.

Good Culture Launches Wellness Probiotic Gut Shots

A new category for Good Culture, its Wellness Probiotic Gut Shots mark the next chapter for the cultured foods brand.

Rohan Oza: Hollywood’s Brandfather

Rohan shares how he began his career in manufacturing, the importance of being passionate about what you do, and how he decides what brands to work with.

Guayakí Self-Distribution Model Rolls On

Within 10 years, Guayakí is aiming to hire 10,000 formerly incarcerated employees to distribute its products across the U.S. and Canada via a fleet of 100% electric vehicles.

What’s next for Hippeas?

Hippeas​ plans to continue scaling its distribution and outreach to become a household name. It also plans to launch new products, expanding on its puffs. 

CAVU answers: “What’s the next best food item to invest in?”

CAVU Venture Partners co-founders and managing partners Rohan Oza and Brett Thomas discuss how their company finds winners in the market.

The Rise of Waterloo Sparkling Water

Waterloo prepares to launch several new (and top secret) flavors next spring. 

Vital Proteins Expands Portfolio

Vital Proteins goes beyond beauty, launching a line of bars, sports drinks, and liquid creamers to target a wider array of shoppers.

Kite Hill Gains Traction

Before he founded the plant-based burger company Impossible Foods, Patrick Brown, also co-founded Kite Hill – the company closed a round of funding last fall bringing its total funding to around $80 million. 

Health-Ade Kombucha’s Dedicated Culture

Health-Ade co-founder and CEO, Daina Trout, speaks to the companies “succeed at any cost” attitude rooted in their founding.

Cha Cha Matcha RTD Launch

Cha Cha Matcha is moving into the ready-to-drink market with the launch of a four-SKU line of canned matcha teas.

Hershey Acquires ONE Brands for $397 Million

Hershey is set to strengthen its foothold in the snacks space by acquiring the maker of a line of low-sugar and high protein bars, ONE Brands.

KFC and Beyond Meat Partnership

Kentucky Fried Chicken is going beyond chicken with the help of Beyond Meat, selling plant-based chicken nuggets at a single restaurant in Smyrna, Georgia.




Thrive Market Ditches Promotions

Thrive Market is de-emphasizing one-time promotions and instead, is analyzing certain behaviors that are better indicators of driving consistent sales.

Coca-Cola invests $20M in Health-Ade Kombucha

Coca-Cola continues to evolve its product portfolio to support its vision as not just a soda business, but "a total beverage company," with investment in Health-Ade Kombucha.

Health-Ade Kombucha Founder Daina Trout’s Career Path

Daina Trout shares how her 28th year shaped her career trajectory and brought us Health-Ade Kombucha.

MVP Quarterback Nick Foles Partners with Bulletproof

As a longtime enthusiast of Bulletproof, the current Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback and former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback joins in a partnership with the brand.

Why Beyond Meat soars on IPO

Brett Thomas shares his perspective on the adaptation of plant-based product.