We are operators first, investors second. We assist and support passionate entrepreneurs. Every brand is a journey, so let us help guide you to where you need to be.

We are Sales Gurus.

As owners and operators ourselves, we understand that building a brand means moving in the market. We know the route because we’ve taken the route. Together, we’ll develop distribution, pricing and promotional strategy, navigating every channel and path to market.

We are Masters of

Packaging & Branding.

Turns out people do judge a book by it’s cover. Packaging and brand is the soul of your company, a tangible representation of who you are and the one thing that works the hardest for you. Our team has led design on some of the most disruptive packages in the market today, and they can craft the right personality to ensure that you break through in a crowded marketplace.

We are Talent

& Recruiting Maestros.

It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know. With decades of CPG experience, we know some of the best names in the business and pride ourselves in helping you to find the best people to execute your vision.

We are Brand Sherpas.

We want to get to the same place that you do. We know the way because we’ve done it before. We’ll help you craft a vision, map a course to success and carry some of the weight to get there.


We are Marketing Mavens.

Whether it’s overall strategy, assembling the right field organization or finding the perfect influencer or celebrity partner, we know the score. We have peerless success in marketing new, up-and-coming brands, turning upstart companies into household names.

We Are Digital and

E-Comm Swamis.

How we meet brands is changing. From direct to consumer to Amazon, from optimization to original content generation - the wave of future B2C communication is here. Our experienced experts will teach you how to catch that wave and ride it.

We are Exit Strategists.

Short-term sales growth is good for today. But we also want to think about creating something with you that lasts long after tomorrow. We help build iconic brands that become legacies through good stewardship because it’s what we as operators and founders did ourselves.