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Bai offers a family of premium better-for-you juice beverages using the unique, anti-oxidant-rich coffee fruit.Flavoring life since 2009—and named one of Forbes ‘Most Promising Companies of 2015’—Bai Brands offers a healthy selection of antioxidant infused beverages that are deliciously different. They are infused with the goodness of the coffee fruit and come in an assortment of fun flavors, perfect for creative Bai cocktails and Bai smoothie blends. Bai beverages deliver both excellent refreshment and superb taste, naturally.



Kite Hill is the first and only company to create plant-based dairy products that marry proprietary know-how with traditional techniques. We’ve figured out how to make buttery fresh ricotta, aged nut milk cheeses, creamy almond milk yogurt and fantastic entrees all out of fresh nut milk.

Today, Kite Hill represents much more than artisanal almond milk products. Kite Hill stands for the very best tasting alternative dairy products made with the simplest ingredients using traditional methods — from artisanal delicacies, nut milk yogurts, and cream cheese style spreads to entrées and even desserts.



Hand-crafted the "old-fashioned way"- the way nature intended- Health-Ade does everything possible to guarantee the best brew out there, including (but not limited to): produced in an all-glass process to ensure no plastic/metal leaching, ferment in super-small batches (2.5 gallons!) to allow for premium control over quality, and flavor only with raw cold-pressed juice from organic produce. We never come close to using fake fermentation agents, flavorings, or chemicals, and rely heavily on nature, not dollars, to decide when the product is ready.




Chef’s Cut Real Jerky was created by Chef Blair Swiler and Dennis Riedel. Blair has been smoking meats his entire life; a tradition passed along from his father. In 2009, becoming tired of having to buy terrible jerky every time they played a round of 18, golf buddies, Blair and Dennis, teamed up and began smoking and selling Chef’s Cut to golf and country clubs across the US (turns out jerky is the perfect golf bag accessory). Today the vision to change the jerky world has resulted in the best tasting, highest quality jerky on the market.



ONE Brands is redefining what protein can be by delivering decadent, crave-worthy bars packed with a whopping 20 grams of protein and only ONE gram of sugar per serving. With great-tasting flavors like Birthday Cake, Maple Glazed Doughnut and Blueberry Cobbler, ONE Brands proves that anytime, anywhere guilt-free indulgence is possible. Available nationwide at GNC and Vitaminshoppe. Congratulations, You’ve Found The ONE.



Just like many pre-prohibition ciders, Austin Eastciders has selected apples from Europe and Washington State. To preserve freshness, the fruits are harvested and pressed at the orchard, then delivered to our cidery in Austin, Texas. These apple varieties have the bittersharp and bittersweet components that bring character to this drink. Only the finest apples can create the best cider. With this base of un-compromised fruit, they use a white wine yeast which has been selected for aromatic retention and slow, cold fermentation tolerance. This helps preserve the natural, fruity nose and complex flavor you experience when enjoying this drink.



HIPPEAS™ organic chickpea puffs are low-calorie, certified organic, gluten-free, vegan, kosher and non-GMO. With 3 grams of fiber and 4 grams of protein per single-serve, 1-ounce bag, HIPPEAS™ are the new go-to snack for consumers who demand great taste and high-quality ingredients. HIPPEAS are sold at more than 100,000 points of sale across the US and UK, including Starbucks, Whole Foods, Wegmans, Kroger, Albertsons, Safeway, Boots, Waitrose, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Amazon.com and Thrive Market. HIPPEAS believes that "tastes good" and "do good" are two philosophies that should go hand in hand. For each pack sold, HIPPEAS will donate a portion of sales to Farm Africa to support farmers in eastern Africa grow themselves out of poverty and build a more prosperous life.



Finally, a dark chocolate covered almond that is healthy and indulgent. Founded by a mom and daughter duo, Skinny Dipped Almonds offer a complete better-for-you, outrageously delicious snack with 7 grams of protein, 6 grams of sugar and 5 grams of fiber per serving. Each bag is roasted to perfection, then Skinny Dipped in a thin layer of artisan dark chocolate and finished with a whisper of cocoa, espresso or pure raspberry. Balanced. Modern. Evolved... And Wildly Addictive!



Nulo believes we are all ‘Healthier Together’ and our mission is to inspire people to live active, healthy lifestyles with their pets while making better choices in their dog or cat’s nutrition.

Today, athletes and active pet parents around the world champion Nulo’s mission to inspire others to live active, healthy lifestyles with their pets while making better choices in their dog or cats’ nutrition. Visit www.Nulo.com for more product information as well as inspirational stories from world class athletes and their pets.



Vital Proteins is the clean label collagen brand for simple, whole food nutrition that boosts health and wellness from the inside out. The brand’s collection of elixirs, blends, and capsules is thoughtfully created with high quality, all-natural ingredients that contain key proteins and nutrients needed to look and feel your best. You’ll never find added sugars, fillers, binders, additives, or junk in any of their products – simply put, they like to keep things simple. Vital Proteins’ mission is to nourish those who wish to live a life without limits by providing a path to natural, youthful vibrancy. Through their collection of great-tasting collagen-based nutrition, they help their customers do just that, every day.



Waterloo Sparkling Water, a bold new sparkling water brand, is a new take on the exploding category. Waterloo intends to make its mark by focusing on true-to-fruit flavor & aroma by delivering a much richer, more authentic taste than anything else on the market.  Waterloo also promises a bigger, brighter bubble, packed in a traditional 12-ounce can, and sold in 12-can fridge pack cases.  It’s canned and produced in Central Texas, and will come in 7 flavors including Original, Black Cherry, Watermelon, Coconut, Lemon, Lime & Grapefruit. Waterloo will initially be available in all U.S. Whole Foods Market locations beginning in September, and coming to additional great retailers soon.



Founded by biohacker, bestselling author, and Bulletproof coffee creator Dave Asprey, Bulletproof 360 is dedicated to providing the world with groundbreaking, science-based information, techniques, tools and products to help people perform better, increase focus, enhance energy, and live longer. Resources include #1 ranked radio show and podcast Bulletproof Radio, the New York Times bestselling books THE BULLETPROOF DIET and HEAD STRONG, documentary feature film MOLDY, The Bulletproof blog, and more.



High Brew Coffee is a convenient, shelf-stable, premium cold-brew experience made from 100% Fair Trade Certified Arabica beans. With twice the amount of natural caffeine and 70% less sugar than the leading RTD coffee brand, High Brew can be enjoyed in five indulgent flavors without the penalizing calories. High Brew For Those Who Do!"



WTRMLN WTR™ is the pioneer in deliciously hydrating, super healthy watermelon water. It is made with 2 simple ingredients - fresh watermelon and organic lemon. Each hand selected, hand skinned melon is cold-pressed using the rind and flesh, treated with a short, innovative nutrient preserving process, and refrigerated until consumed in BPA-free plastic bottles. Every detail, including how we tell our story through wellness experts hired as brand educators, the chic melon-forward packaging, the elegant "straw in melon" design, and even our corporate office have a touch of love - hence why we nickname our product "Liquid Love.”



Thrive Market is a membership e-commerce platform on a mission to make the world’s highest quality natural and organic products affordable for every American family. For $60/year, Thrive members get access to their favorite natural snacks, supplements, home, beauty, and baby products at 30-50% of retail, shipped direct to their door for free. Each paid membership on the site also sponsors a free membership for a low-income family.



We believe that if you eat good things, and surround yourself with good, you’ll feel good. Simple as that. That’s why we decided to create a food company that offers real organic ingredients from trusted sources, promotes good health and tastes great. We made cottage cheese, but better.



At Mighty Swell, our mission is to rescue people from the average and artificial. That’s why our sparkling cocktails are made with real fruit juice and never with any artificial flavors, high fructose corn syrup, sodium benzoate or food dyes.  With only 120 calories and 4g of sugar Mighty Swell is available in three refreshing flavors: Mango, Peach and Grapefruit. Our can portability means that our sparkling cocktails are perfect at the beach, golf course or anywhere that you have a thirst for something extraordinary.